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Danitech VTU Website

Danitech is a VTU website that delivers seamless solutions for all your data, airtime, and cable TV needs


Kheddar Estate Agent is a Real Estate Agency that lists properties for Rent, Sales, Lease and Shortlet in Lagos and PortHarcourt. I designed a website to list all properties that falls in all listing categories.


AI-DOC was to create a user-centric platform that bridges the gap between individuals and medical advice. By leveraging AI technology, the app offers swift responses to user-described symptoms, aiding them in assessing whether immediate medical attention is necessary.

Lani Creative Solution

Lani Creative Solution (LNS) is an agency that helps in business development, management and consultancy. They are strategic in helping business entrepreneur, SME and existing business in developing business plan, curate proposal and give their business more exposure.

TufinPlug Foundation

TufinPlug Empowerment Foundation: A beacon of compassion and kindness, our journey exemplifies the transformative power of giving

Tamopei Web App UI

Tamopei is a financial solution designed to address the challenges faced in cross-border money transfers. The primary objective of Tamopei is to create a system where individuals from different countries can send funds seamlessly to recipients in other countries.

Lorenzo Realty Global Limited

Lorenzo Realty Global Limited is a real estate and bulding contractor agency that does constructions and manage properties.

Pade Visual Identity

“Pade” is an online platform that connects men and women with their preferred counterparts by specifying characteristics such as stature, color, and interests. This platform enables two individuals to connect and share exciting moments,
creating beautiful memories.

Acepick Visual Identity

Acepick Networking Company is a tech company that creates solutions to life and day-to-day problems in a technological way through digital products to interconnects people from diverse regions and culture to share experiences and sell values.

E-Connect Mobile App UI

The mobile application is designed to facilitate the transfer of information from the school to the students of AAUA, while also providing a platform for social interaction among its users.


MySocialift is a is a company that establishes a strong brand identity and engage audience of different brands

Fort Dios Home Mobile App UI

Fort Dios is a mobile application developed for an estate in Lagos, Nigeria. The aim of the application is to provide secure gate access for authenticated residents through the use of One-Time Passwords (OTP) and QR codes. Additionally, the app offers convenient utility payment options and facilitates communication between property owners and their guests.

E-Connect Web App UI

E-Connect AAUA is a popular mobile application designed to streamline information sharing and social interaction among students at AAUA (Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba). Recognizing the need to expand accessibility and enhance administrative management, a web version of the app was developed. This case study highlights the key aspects of the web app, focusing on the benefits it brings to both users and administrators.


Walk The Yard offers more than just fitness programs; it delivers a transformative experience inspired by resilience, determination, and competition, extending beyond physical training.

Psaltry Website UI

 As a UI/UX designer, I embarked on a journey to create a visually stunning and user-friendly interface that showcases Psaltry’s excellence in cassava processing and its range of high-quality industrial cassava derivatives.

Citibuild Metropolitan & Services Ltd

Citibuild Metropolitan & Services Ltd. is a skilled indigenous firm specializing in modern construction, finishes, maintenance, and services.


Geokate Nigeria Ltd excels in construction, real estate, and agriculture, dedicated to creating vibrant, resilient environments with innovative designs.

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