Fort Dios Mobile App

Enhancing Gate Access and Utility Payments for an Estate in Lagos

Fort Dios is a mobile application developed for an estate in Lagos, Nigeria. The aim of the application is to provide secure gate access for authenticated residents through the use of One-Time Passwords (OTP) and QR codes. Additionally, the app offers convenient utility payment options and facilitates communication between property owners and their guests.


The objective of developing the Fort Dios mobile application was to create a streamlined and secure system for gate access within the estate. The app aimed to enhance security measures by allowing only authenticated residents to gain entry through the gate, utilizing features like OTP and QR code authentication. Furthermore, the app sought to simplify utility payments for residents, providing a centralized platform for bill payments and recharge services.

User Personas

Mr. Oliver – The Property Owner

  • Background: Amina is a young professional residing in a rented apartment within the estate. She has limited control over gate access and utility payments.
  • Goals: Amina seeks a hassle-free and secure gate access process, enabling her to enter the estate conveniently. She also desires a convenient platform to make utility payments and receive notifications.
  • Pain Points: Amina finds the current gate access system cumbersome and wishes for a more straightforward solution. She wants to streamline her utility payments and receive prompt notifications about them.

Amina – The Guest

  • Background: David recently graduated from AAUA and is preparing for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. He is focused on completing necessary paperwork and staying informed about his upcoming teaching practice.
  • Goals: David needs a reliable source to check the Senate List for NYSC preparation and to access teaching practice postings. He also wants a platform where he can interact with other fresh graduates and seek guidance regarding the NYSC program.
  • Pain Points: David currently relies on manual processes and outdated information sources, making it time-consuming and frustrating to find the necessary details for his NYSC preparations. He desires a user-friendly app that simplifies these tasks and provides accurate and up-to-date information.

Mr. Henry – The Estate Administrator

  • Background: Mr. Henry is responsible for managing the overall operations and security of the estate.
  • Goals: Mr. Henry aims to implement a robust gate access system that ensures only authenticated residents can enter the estate. He also seeks a reliable platform for utility payments and effective communication with residents.
  • Pain Points: Mr. Henry faces challenges in maintaining a secure gate access system and coordinating utility bill payments. He desires an app that simplifies these tasks and enhances the overall efficiency of estate operations.

Key Findings

  • User Interviews: Conducted interviews with estate residents to understand their pain points related to gate access, utility payments, and communication within the estate.
  • Competitive Analysis: Studied similar gate access systems and utility payment apps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Prototyping and Testing: Developed interactive prototypes and conducted usability tests with a group of estate residents to gather feedback and refine the design.

Design and Iteration

User Flows and Information Architecture

Based on the research findings, extensive efforts were made to simplify the gate access process and utility payments within the Fort Dios mobile application. Unnecessary steps were eliminated, and the flow was improved to enhance user experience. The aim was to create a seamless and efficient process that allows authenticated residents to gain entry through the gate using OTP or QR code authentication. Additionally, the information architecture was restructured to ensure that users can easily locate relevant test details and instructions, promoting ease of use and accessibility. These enhancements were designed with imagination and accessibility in mind, ensuring that residents can effortlessly navigate the app, access gate authentication features, and conveniently perform utility payments. Overall, the improvements made to the ordering process and information architecture aim to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience for residents of the Fort Dios estate.

Result & Testing

The Fort Dios mobile application successfully achieved its objectives by providing a secure gate access system through OTP and QR code authentication. The app enabled property owners like Oliver to manage guest access easily, while guests like Amina experienced a streamlined gate access process. The utility payment feature centralized bill payments and recharge services, simplifying the financial tasks for residents. Usability tests were conducted to refine the app’s design, resulting in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The feedback received from estate residents helped in making iterative improvements to ensure the app met their needs effectively.

Overall, the Fort Dios mobile application transformed gate access and utility payments within the estate, enhancing security measures, simplifying financial transactions, and facilitating seamless communication between property owners and guests.

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