E-Connect AAUA Web App

Expanding Accessibility and Admin Management

E-Connect AAUA is a popular mobile application designed to streamline information sharing and social interaction among students at AAUA (Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba). Recognizing the need to expand accessibility and enhance administrative management, a web version of the app was developed. This case study highlights the key aspects of the web app, focusing on the benefits it brings to both users and administrators.


The objective of creating the web version of E-Connect AAUA was to extend the app’s reach beyond mobile devices and provide a seamless user experience on desktop and laptop computers. The web app aimed to offer enhanced accessibility, allowing students and administrators to access its features and functionalities through their preferred devices.

Research Phase

  • User Feedback Analysis: Collected feedback from the existing mobile app users to understand their preferences and requirements regarding accessing E-Connect AAUA on web platforms.
  • Market Analysis: Studied similar web applications and platforms in the education sector to identify best practices and areas for improvement.
  • UI/UX Design Iteration: Conducted iterative design reviews and usability tests with representative users to refine the web app’s interface, navigation, and user experience.

User Personas

Tolu – The Studious Undergraduate

  • Background: Tolu is an undergraduate student at AAUA who relies on E-Connect AAUA for important academic updates and social interaction.
  • Goals: Tolu desires the flexibility to access E-Connect AAUA on both mobile and web platforms, allowing for a more comfortable and efficient experience when working on assignments and projects.
  • Pain Points: Tolu finds it challenging to switch between devices when utilizing the mobile app and wishes for a unified experience across multiple platforms.

Dr. Williams – The Faculty Advisor

  • Background: Dr. Williams is a faculty advisor at AAUA responsible for managing and disseminating important information to students in their department.
  • Goals: Dr. Williams needs an admin dashboard within the web app to efficiently publish announcements, monitor student engagement, and communicate with students on a broader scale.
  • Pain Points: Dr. Williams finds it time-consuming and less efficient to manage administrative tasks solely through the mobile app and seeks a comprehensive web-based solution.

Chiamaka – The Campus Socialite

  • Background: Chiamaka is an active student involved in various extracurricular activities and social groups within AAUA.
  • Goals: Chiamaka appreciates the social interaction features of E-Connect AAUA and desires the convenience of accessing the app through both mobile and web platforms to stay connected with her peers.
  • Pain Points: Chiamaka finds it limiting to rely solely on the mobile app for social interaction and wishes for the expanded accessibility of a web app.

Key Findings

  • Expanded Accessibility: Users expressed the need for a web version of E-Connect AAUA to access the app’s features and information conveniently on desktop and laptop computers.
  • Admin Management Efficiency: Administrators sought a comprehensive admin dashboard to manage and monitor the app’s content, users, and communication effectively.
  • Consistent User Experience: Users appreciated the consistent user experience between the mobile app and web app, enabling seamless transitions and familiarity across platforms.

Design and Iteration

User Flows and Information Architecture

Based on the research findings, extensive efforts were made to simplify the ordering process within the E-Connect AAUA web app. Unnecessary steps were eliminated, and the flow was improved to enhance user experience. The aim was to create a seamless and efficient process for users to access information, engage with social features, and interact with the app’s functionalities. Additionally, the information architecture was restructured to ensure that users can easily find relevant test details and instructions, promoting ease of use and accessibility. These enhancements were designed with imagination and accessibility in mind, resulting in a user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate the app effortlessly and accomplish their tasks with ease. The improvements made to the ordering process and information architecture in the E-Connect AAUA web app aim to provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience, enhancing the overall usability and satisfaction of the app’s users.

Result & Testing

The development of the web app version of E-Connect AAUA successfully achieved its objectives by expanding accessibility and providing an admin dashboard for effective administrative management. Users can now seamlessly transition between the mobile app and web app, accessing essential information and engaging with the app’s features on their preferred devices. Usability tests were conducted to ensure a consistent and intuitive user experience across platforms, resulting in an interface that meets the needs of users and administrators alike.

Overall, the E-Connect AAUA web app enhances accessibility, extends the app’s reach, and improves administrative management. It empowers students to access information and socialize conveniently on both mobile and web platforms, while administrators benefit from an efficient admin dashboard for content management and communication. The web app version of E-Connect AAUA brings a unified and seamless experience to the AAUA community, fostering connectivity and enhancing the overall user experience.

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