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Enabling Seamless International Money Transfers

Tamopei is a financial solution designed to address the challenges faced in cross-border money transfers. The primary objective of Tamopei is to create a system where individuals from different countries can send funds seamlessly to recipients in other countries. Initially focusing on West African countries and select European countries, including the USA, Tamopei aims to provide a convenient and efficient platform for international money transfers.


The main objective of Tamopei is to facilitate hassle-free international money transfers by creating a virtual wallet system. The platform enables users to top-up their wallets using local payment gateways in their respective countries. Tamopei then facilitates the transfer of funds from one virtual wallet to another, allowing recipients to cash out through local payment gateways in their own countries.

Research Phase

  1. Market Analysis: Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current limitations and challenges faced in cross-border money transfers, particularly in the Nigerian financial sector.
  2. User Needs Assessment: Gathered insights through surveys, interviews, and focus groups to understand the pain points of users when it comes to international money transfers and the expectations they have for a seamless solution.
  3. Competitive Analysis: Examined existing international money transfer platforms to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.
  4. UI/UX Design: Developed a user-centered design approach, creating wireframes and prototypes to visualize the Tamopei platform and iteratively refine the user experience.

User Personas

Nkechi – The Nigerian Business Owner

  • Background: Nkechi is an entrepreneur based in Nigeria who frequently needs to send funds to business partners in other countries.
  • Goals: Nkechi wants a reliable and efficient platform to make international money transfers, eliminating the complexities and restrictions she currently faces.
  • Pain Points: Nkechi finds it challenging to navigate the current Nigerian financial system for international transfers, seeking a straightforward and accessible solution.

Markus – The European Freelancer

  • Background: Markus is a freelance professional based in Europe who frequently receives payments from clients in West Africa.
  • Goals: Markus seeks a seamless platform to receive funds from clients in different countries, allowing for convenient cash-out options in his local currency.
  • Pain Points: Markus encounters difficulties with the existing international money transfer services, particularly when it comes to localized cash-out options and transaction fees.

Lara – The International Student

  • Background: Lara is a student studying in the USA, receiving financial support from her family in Nigeria.
  • Goals: Lara wants an efficient and cost-effective method for her family to send her funds, ensuring she receives the money promptly and without any complications.
  • Pain Points: Lara faces challenges with the current transfer processes, including high fees, long waiting periods, and complex procedures.

Key Findings

  • Restricted International Transfers: Users expressed frustration with the limitations imposed on cross-border money transfers, particularly in the Nigerian financial system. They sought an accessible and convenient solution to send funds globally.
  • Simplified Fund Transfer Process: Users emphasized the need for a streamlined and user-friendly platform that enables them to top up their virtual wallets easily and transfer funds seamlessly to recipients in other countries.
  • Localized Cash-out Options: Recipients highlighted the importance of being able to cash out the received funds through familiar local payment gateways, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Design and Iteration

User Flows and Information Architecture

Based on the research findings, extensive efforts were made to simplify the ordering process within the Tamopei mobile application. Unnecessary steps were eliminated, and the flow was improved to enhance user experience. The aim was to create a seamless and efficient process for users to send funds internationally. Additionally, the information architecture was restructured to ensure that users can easily find relevant details and instructions related to their transactions. These enhancements were designed with imagination and accessibility in mind, aiming to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience. The improvements made to the ordering process and information architecture in the Tamopei application aim to simplify cross-border money transfers and empower users to navigate the platform effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Result & Testing

The Tamopei platform successfully achieves its objective of enabling seamless international money transfers. The user interface was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience for both senders and recipients. Extensive usability testing was conducted to gather feedback and make iterative improvements, resulting in a refined design and enhanced user experience. The virtual wallet system and localized cash-out options provide users with a streamlined and convenient solution for cross-border transactions.

Overall, Tamopei addresses the challenges faced in international money transfers by offering a reliable platform that simplifies the process, provides localized payment options, and enhances accessibility for users across West Africa, Europe, and the USA.

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